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Much more than a drink – Coffee in Vietnam!

Vietnam is a coffee obsessed nation, one of the remnants of the French rule that left a lasting impact on their culture. Coffee in Vietnam is an integral part of socializing and as a result you can find coffee everywhere, from corner stores to cafes

Phở - A warm hug that cures almost everything

Though PHỞ is world-famous for being the first popular Vietnamese dish that comes to most people’s mind, there’s something personal about this warm and comforting noodle soup that we’d like to share with you. Here’s our story…

First night in Ha Noi - Exploring Trang's heritage

The first night we landed in Hanoi, Trang took me to a street food stall by Hoan Kiem lake. She said this is the heart of the city. Our first meal took me by surprise. We had the best roasted quail and sparrows, and Trang’s favourite papaya salad.

The turtle - A story about courage and wisdom

According to the legend, an emperor was on a boat in a jade-colored lake, when suddenly a huge golden turtle appeared and handed him a sword to fight against his enemy. This prophecy became true.

How it all began - Dhruv's dream of Vietnam-ease Càphê

Find out how Dhruv found the courage to do the things he loves the most. His love for Vietnamese cuisine began with a single bowl of pho...

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"Something that combines so much pork with fresh herbs all stuffed into a crispy baguette is, I have to say, a pretty magical sandwich."
BBC Travel


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