How it began

In 2015, Dhruv was helping his friend run a guesthouse in Manali. One day, his friends from Delhi came to visit him and brought along a girl they met in the bus to Manali. That was Trang! It turned out, Trang grew up in Vietnam and Germany. They soon realised they both shared a deep passion for food and cooking.

Opening his own cafe had been Dhruv's dream since his time in Canada where he first experienced the goodness of Vietnamese food. In late 2018, Trang and him finally put down their ideas of Vietnam-ease Càphê on paper.

In 2019, along with Shivalika, Dhruv's sister, they started curating dinner experiences from their home to bring a taste of Vietnamese cuisine and culture to people who share the same passion.

Our food adventures

We believe in

Authentic food
Local ingredients
Experience over things

Did you know

"Something that combines so much pork with fresh herbs all stuffed into a crispy baguette is, I have to say, a pretty magical sandwich."
BBC Travel


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