Much more than a drink – Coffee in Vietnam!

Vietnam is a coffee obsessed nation, one of the remnants of the French rule that left a lasting impact on their culture. Coffee in Vietnam is an integral part of socializing and as a result you can find coffee everywhere, from corner stores to cafes to roadside stalls.

On our trips to Vietnam, our coffee consumption goes through the roof as we can never get enough of the yummy, chocolatey creaminess of a glass of our favourite cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced milk coffee).

How Do the Vietnamese Drink Their Coffee?

No morning is complete with a cup of strong cup of coffee

Many Vietnamese, prefer a thick, drip coffee made from locally sourced Robusta beans.

They then add a dollop of condensed milk/coconut milk to their brew and, due to Vietnam’s hot climate, most of the time, a generous amount of ice.


How its brewed? – Phin – The Magical Brewing Apparatus

The Vietnamese drip coffee is usually filtered for individual purposes using a Phin (similar to a South Indian Coffee filter) - which consists of a small cup, a filter chamber, a coffee press and a lid. 

  • The coffee is ground on the basis of the size of the drip holes of the phin which is usually standard.
  • Condensed milk is added to the glass and the Phin is set on top of the glass.
  • Coffee is placed inside the Phin, and the press is used to keep the coffee in place.
  • Hot water is poured on top of the coffee slowly and the lid is kept on top of the Phin to trap the heat and create a good brewing environment inside the chamber.
  • Once the coffee has dripped away onto the creamy layer of condensed milk at the bottom, your coffee is ready.

There are so many delicious versions of Vietnamese coffee! Here are our favourites:

I) Hot Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk (Cà Phê Sữa Nóng)

Vietnamese coffee is more typically known as a potently strong coffee with a good sugar kick behind the sweetened condensed milk! 

Hot or cold?

***Have it with ice (cà phê sữa đá) on a hot day to feel instantly refreshed and energized!***


II) Egg coffee (Cà Phê Trứng)

Egg yolk whipped with condensed milk into an airy froth meets dark coffee in this rich concoction. The topping of this coffee turns this coffee into a yummy almost liquid version of Tiramisu.

This egg coffee is mind-blowing!


III) Vietnamese Coconut Iced Coffee (Bac Xiu)

This sweet Southern Vietnamese drink has coconut milk to give it a lovely, smooth coconutty twist.

We usually make our own coconut condensed milk at Vietnam-ease


Bringing it back home! 

Coming back to Delhi and not having our favourite coffee to start our day with made us really sad. We wanted to bring the same taste and goodness of Vietnamese coffee back home. 

Even though importing it was the easiest route, our belief in using locally sourced ingredients made us look for the best Indian coffee beans we could find and blended them in a way that would taste as close to Vietnamese coffee as possible! After multiple blends, taste tests and coffee highs we finally came to our Vietnamese style coffee blend which hit the spot!

Do you prefer black or with condensed milk?

We’re so excited to share this magical blend with you, with our delicious version of Cà phê sữa đá, Vietnamese Iced coffee with condensed milk! Once you pair it with one of our famous Banh mi’s you’ll be hooked onto this mind blowing combo!! 

Our favourite to-go lunch combo: Banh mi and coffee

Our delivery menu was designed with lots of love and care.

At Vietnam-ease Càphê we want to change the way people experience cuisine and culture in India. Our menu includes some of our favorite signature dishes, snacks, desserts and Vietnamese coffee.

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