How it all began - Dhruv's dream of Vietnam-ease Càphê

"Vietnam. It grabs you and doesn’t let you go. Once you love it, you love it forever." - Anthony Bourdain -

I moved to Canada in 2013 to do my MBA. Vietnamese food became my go-to comfort food🍜😋 It made me feel warm and fuzzy when it was cold and gave me relief when I was sick (pho cures everything!) - I dreamt of opening my own little place in Delhi where I could share the goodness of this amazing cuisine.

A year later and back in India, I traveled to the mountains to help my friend at his guesthouse. I think it was serendipitous, Trang (my now fiancée) came to stay there.… and we hit it off ❤️

Our first trip together to Vietnam. Photo © Dhruv Kalra

We always spoke obsessively about Vietnamese food and started cooking our favourite dishes at home. In 2018, we decided enough talk, let's open our own place!

Banh xeo Ba Duong in Da Nang has been around for decades and it's yum!

3 months ago we opened our home to people who love exploring food and culture through Vietnam-ease Càphê, our homestyle culinary experience, where I cook the food.

Like one of my heroes Anthony Bourdain, I too am now madly in love with Vietnamese food, and all I need to be happy is a good bowl of soup.

❤️🐢 Dhruv

Our delivery menu was designed with lots of love and care.

At Vietnam-ease Càphê we want to change the way people experience cuisine and culture in India. Our menu includes some of our favorite signature dishes, snacks, desserts and Vietnamese coffee.

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