First night in Ha Noi - Exploring Trang's heritage

The first night we landed in Hanoi, Trang took me to a street food stall by Hoan Kiem lake. She said this is the heart of the city. Our first meal took me by surprise. We had the best roasted quail and sparrows, and Trang’s favourite papaya salad. It was also the day when I drank my first Caphe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) and instantly fell in love.

Roasted quail from a street stall in Hanoi
Roasted quail

We walked around the lake and saw people dancing like crazy and kids moving to Kpop. Hoan Kiem lake became my stopover whenever I walked around old quarter (Pho co). It’s the only place in Hanoi that hasn’t lost its charm in spite of the changes. 

Vietnamese Coffee is dark and chocolatey in flavour
Ca phe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

I ate and drank at all the places recommended by locals. Then I spent a month working in the kitchen at a friend’s restaurant in Hanoi. I couldn’t wait to get back to Delhi and feed my friends and family all the recipes I brought back with me.

❤️🐢 Dhruvi

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