Vietnam-ease Càphê

Vietnam-ease Càphê was born out of our nostalgia and love for Vietnamese food, coffee, and culture. We use locally sourced ingredients to recreate Trang’s family recipes to give you a taste of homestyle goodness.

"Vietnam. It grabs you and doesn’t let you go.
Once you love it, you love it forever."
- Anthony Bourdain -

What we do

Home Experience

A truly homestyle dinner experience at the Vietnam-ease home with a set 4-course menu incl. our unique coffee ritual using our very special Vietnam-ease blend.

Private Experience

Have your own private experience with your loved ones - either at the Vietnam-ease home or at your home. The menu is customisable as per your imagination.


We love teamwork! We are always up for collaboration with like minded people in food, art, culture, music, film etc! If you have something in mind, let's talk!

Bánh Mì

Artisanal Vietnamese Sandwiches
Since our first travel to Hoi An, we've been fantasising about bringing this delicious piece of art to India.

After many trials and long nights in the kitchen, Banh Mi by Vietnam-ease Càphê was born.

Now available for delivery & pickup in Gurgaon.

Hanoi, 17 Feb 2019

The first night we landed in Hanoi, Trang took me to a street food stall by Hoan Kiem lake. She said this is the heart of the city. Our first meal took me by surprise. We had the best roasted quail and sparrows, and Trang’s favourite papaya salad. It was also the day when I drank my first Caphe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) and instantly fell in love.



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